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Throughout time all human beings have one thing in common. We love being creative; we live for it. When your day or week was a struggle to get through, how many times did the mere expectation of a creative venture get you through the grind? Maybe you were looking forward to playing music with your friends, or going to dance class. Perhaps your drug of choice is a round of golf, or working on your classic car to cherry that baby out. There is nothing more life affirming than creativity itself.  An added bonus is that creativity comes naturally to every person. We are all born knowing how to play. Creating toy horses from brooms or mops is a ubiquitous childhood experience.

So, why the collective addiction to creativity? The answer is very simple. Creating is what God creatures do. After all God’s nickname is “The Creator.” Prime Source kicked it all off by creating the Heavens and the Earth.  And Prime Source created this Earthly/Heavenly something, out of a pure void, from absolute nothingness. It is in our Spiritual DNA to create. We all strongly desire that 0 to 60 creative rush. Without creativity we would not be able to reach enlightenment, which is creating Self-realization from ignorance.  Once again we mimic the big “G” in manifesting “something” from “nothing.”  Creativity is how we end our suffering.  We all have the God given creative intelligence to create a new response to any and all limitations. Do not get me wrong. Some of us have made an art form out of re-creating our stories and limiting issues ad nausea. However, as God creatures having a human experience, the potential to create an ending to the source of all unhappiness is our birthright.

There are two elements to creativity that take us from amateur creators on a hobby level, to master creators of our own Self-actualized destiny. Those key elements are imagination and practice. Ask any inventor what is the first step to any creative project, and he will tell you that first he had to imagine the outcome he wanted before directing the flow of creative juices. Creating enlightenment is no different. You have to be able to imagine that you are capable of liberating your mind, or you will not realize that you can. You have to be able to imagine that you are one with Divine Love and Wisdom before you can create an alignment with your Divinity, value, power and worth, that no one and no thing on this planet has the power to change or diminish. You have to be able to imagine that all life is interconnected and equally God and Holy before you can create the perception of Universal Divine Oneness. You have to be able to imagine your true nature as infinite and unlimited before you can create the embodiment of that reality. Creativity has no substance or direction without imagination.


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