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A few years ago I experienced four deaths within a two-week period of time. One death was relatively peaceful; the other three were to varying degrees violent and tormented. Grief and sadness can be very paralyzing emotions and have a comprehensive way of affecting one’s life. Even though I am a Spiritual teacher and I know with unshakable certainty that Love never dies, that in fact no one can die, that one simply moves on from this physical classroom, these four transitions were a lot to digest. I was not immune to the task and responsibility of emotional processing just like everyone else. And, in order to resolve these emotions, I had to find a way to bring meaning to the level of suffering that was inherent in these deaths.

What I found was that when I attached my chosen meaning of relating to others with the greatest engagement of Love and integrity I could manifest; the passing of these other beings brought a dignity and heightened sense of purpose and connectedness into my life. In other words, as a result of these deaths, I choose not to take any human contact, no matter how brief or superficial, for granted. The meaning I chose galvanized my attention to: I desire to make every single contact I have with another living being the best, most serving and honoring encounter I have the potential to bring to fruition. This meaning gave me the permission to heal by loving deeply, consciously and fearlessly.

IN LIGHT TIMES mission is to help individuals grow in awareness to the full potential of their being.






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Cure What Ails YOU!

Choosing the meaning behind what affects our lives is a skill like anything else that requires practice and patience. The more I exercise that free will muscle, the stronger and more healing those choices become in my life. Just as no one else can sleep for me, eat for me or exercise for me, finding the meaning that sets me free and empowers my personal experience of life is something that only I can decide.

I have the choice to attach a meaning to even the most paralyzing of situations, which allows me to evolve into a wiser, more compassionate, resilient being. At the end of the day I may not have added a single extra dollar to my bank account or radically changed a medical diagnosis, but I do have the mastery to feel better about who I am and to fully embrace the unlimited nature of my ability to grow beyond anything that touches my life.


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All Spiritual Traditions speak of the power of free will.  Free will reigns on this planet. The Divine has seen fit to Bless everyone with the free will to decide for themselves what they will do with their attention.  There are no programmed human robots on this planet. We are free to give our attention to the love side of the equation, which we have defined as unlimited in nature.  But that action only has value if we are also free not to give our attention to love. That other choice would be fear, which we have equally defined as evil and limiting in action and consequences.

Swedenborg has a great definition of Heaven and hell. He describes Heaven as a place or state of being that is unlimited, and hell as a place or state of being that is limiting. That is why when we worry or devote our attention to other equally limiting thoughts or people, our life can feel so hellish. There is a pattern that clearly begins to emerge here:  the relationship between good and evil, love and fear, and Heaven and hell, Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.

When we freely choose a love-based thought that feels good, right and liberating, our life takes on an unlimited Heavenly quality.  When we freely surrender our attention to fear-based thoughts that constrict and contract our existence, our experience of life becomes hellishly limited and unhappy.


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Are You Equilibrated?

Today it seems we are stressed out, overworked, underpaid and sleep deprived. Balance gets thrown under the bus for productivity, efficiency, getting the job done. No wonder you seldom hear people talk about the value of balance in our everyday lives. Who even knows what it is? How does one find it? Or maintain it?

The truth is, all energy seeks to be balanced. It is a natural state of rest and ease. Even the term for the carpentry tool that is used to achieve balance is called a “level.” Could it be that balance in one’s life can produce a level playing field for the mind, body and emotions? The ancient healing sciences from the East, such as Chinese Medicine and Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda, are all big on treating disease and strengthening the human experience by bring the subtle energies that comprise life back into balance.

Relatively few people seem to understand how to create and nurture a balanced existence. But we all have attained the expert level in not being level. So what exactly is balance? It is an action, a state of mind and a perspective. Balance requires a “bigger picture” evaluation of priorities, an honest inner assessment concerning energy expenditure, and a willingness to implement appropriate boundaries.

Balance is really stopping to enjoy the flowers and the view, and not simply rushing by. Balance is arresting the “just one more thing to do” tyranny that keeps us up late at night. Balance is scheduling time for family and friends with the same commitment and single-minded focus you bring to a business meeting.

Oscar Wilde said, “…we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” It’s a great definition of balance gone awry and a brilliant place to start valuing balance in your life.

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is also a national health & wellness speaker, Huffington Post Columnist and radio host of “You Are What You Love” on heard weekly at www.purplev.com  Sunday 11-1pm PST in greater LA and Santa Barbara and on Contact Talk Radio Fridays 1pm-2pm PST and Tuesdays 9-10pm PST. Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Completely recovered, she shares her wisdom @ www.purplev.com or email press@purplev.com

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Everything Is Food

What I love about the Eastern healing sciences is how they perceive and define life. They say that every one of our sensory organs is actually a digestive intelligence. Our eyes digest light waves so we can see. Our ears digest sound waves so we can hear. Our skin digests through touch. We are in fact a collection of digestive marvels. The reason for all this digestive action is because everything we see, hear, touch, taste, experience, think, and perceive is a form of food. These energies are non-physical forms of food that strengthen, sustain and nourish us.

So how can we apply this on a practical level?  Here are two easy ways. The first is to remember that nothing that happens to you, nothing that you experience or relate to, is more powerful than you are. Everything is food. Thinking that your mortgage payment or health diagnosis is senior to you would be the same as believing the bowl of cereal you have for breakfast has more power than you do. The second is that you are designed to take in and absorb only what improves your life. Let the rest go for the waste it is. This means, for example, that if there is something negative in how you perceive your body image, or if how you think about that certain job search is not enhancing your existence, it is nature’s way of telling you it is useless, and you can let it go!


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The Danger of GMO’s from an Eastern Philosophical / Ayurvedic Perspective:

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GMO seeds are designed to be a terminator technology: sterile seeds. In other words if you grow a GMO tomato, no other plant will grow from those seeds. You have to go back to Monsanto for more seeds. From a strictly Eastern perspective when you eat foods that are sterile in life force energy, it will over time affect your fertility. In order to maintain fertility consciousness in your life, you need to consume foods that feed fertility. Over time this could mean physical impairment in reproduction, mental/creative infertility, emotional stagnancy.

While the Western or Monsanto perspective is that food is food. And since food is fuel, any fuel will do as long as there are calories to burn and some basic nutrients. However Eastern perspective is food is energy, Chi, life-force consciousness. How the food was grown, handled, process and cooked absolutely determines how much of the life force energy makes it into your body. Ever wonder where consciousness comes from? Eastern sciences say that your consciousness, be it physical, mental, or emotional, is all fed, maintained and nurtured by the food you eat. That is a major departure from the Western perspective.

Every cell in your body has consciousness. That consciousness directs the cellular intelligence: when to divide, how to recognize and manage foreign or illness provoking elements. The consciousness of the body’s cellular intelligence is only as healthy as the food source/nourishment it receives. According to Eastern self-healing sciences, when you eat GMO foods that have been modified on a genetic level, they will modify your genetic intelligence.

Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Join Vaishali in Los Angeles March 23rd and 24th 2013 at the Alive and Healthy Conference. To learn more visit: http://www.purplev.com/mediakit/?page_id=54

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by Vaishali, author of “You Are What You Love” and “Wisdom Rising”

After being diagnosed terminal from an illness, and then ten years later from a near fatal injury, there is one thing I truly understand as a result of piecing my health back together though Chi Nei Tsang and studying the Eastern healing sciences. That is the physical dynamics of emotions – how emotions travel through the body, what emotions stress and undermine which organs and how unresolved emotional experiences can literally get trapped inside the body.

Emotions are a form of energy, and like all forms of energies they have a certain vibrational signature frequency. That vibrational frequency difference is what separates anger from fear, and sadness and grief from impatience. Our internal organs, also being forms of energy, vibrate at difference frequencies. That is what makes the liver, the liver, and not the lung or the foot. When we have an emotional experience, that frequency moves through the body like waves move through water or sound waves through air.

Our internal organs have the ability to digest those emotional frequencies. Different organs digest different emotions.  For example, the lungs and related airway passages are designed to digest the signature frequency of sadness and grief. When that organ has digested that emotion, it has taken the emotion in, then pulled from it what is needed, and last and most importantly, let the rest go for the recognized waste that it is. The natural post-digestive emotional byproducts of sadness and grief are courage, self-confidence and self-assurance these emotions are then absorbed internally and ultimately embodied.


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He Has A House.

by Vaishali , author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love .

One morning as I was running along the beach, I saw this semi-homeless man.  He had dug a large hole that cut him off at the knees when he stood in it.  The locals had assured me that the man was harmless, and there was no need to be afraid of him. I noticed he had a long stick, and he was drawing something in the sand. Curiosity got the best of me. I decided to stop by and see what he was so busy creating.  Upon approaching I introduced myself. The man looked up and smiled warmly.  He had been absorbed in the task of drawing stick figures with the greatest of concentration.  I did not wish to appear rude, so I pointed at one of the stick figures and complimented him on how realistic his drawing looked.  The man proudly smiled and informed me this was a portrait of his brother.  Then the smile slowly faded and the man shook his head sadly and said, “It’s too bad about my brother.”  “What happened to him?” I inquired gently.  “He has a house” came the simple answer.  “He has a house?” I repeated, not sure I was following the line of tragedy. “Yes,” the man replied thoughtfully. “My brother and I used to do things together and go places. Then he got a house, and now the house needs him to do things.  He does not do things with me anymore, because he has to do things for the house, and he cannot go anywhere with me because the house has him.” The man continued to shake his head sadly. “I will not go into houses,” he said with resolve. “Because once you go inside… that’s it… the house has you! It will always need something, and that’s how ‘it’ gets you.”


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What Would Socrates Do?

As 2012 blazes forward, there are a lot of endings and ultimately new beginnings to embrace.

In his time Socrates was considered the wisest man alive. He was condemned to death in 399BC after losing his trial, and died from drinking hemlock. How Socrates died is equally as important as his life. When I say how he died, I am not referring to his actual ingesting of poison. I am referring to his attitude about death and dying. Socrates firmly felt that death is a journey to be embarked on with excitement, that it is inherently a positive and liberating event. A far cry from how we view death today.  So frequently we of the modern more advanced age describe death as “losing a battle,” as succumbing, as a failure. We cannot just accept it; we must fight it to the very end. I wonder what Socrates would say about our age of enlightenment?

The Eastern healing sciences, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, refer to death as the ultimate cure. A final culmination and resolution of all that ails one. I suspect this point of view is one that would bring a delicate smile to the face of Socrates. The notion that dying is as natural as being born, an action that can be embraced with as equal a mindset as living, is not common or popular these days.

I received the following email from a close friend recently, and it reminded me of the expression, “What would Socrates do?”


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Throughout time all human beings have one thing in common. We love being creative; we live for it. When your day or week was a struggle to get through, how many times did the mere expectation of a creative venture get you through the grind? Maybe you were looking forward to playing music with your friends, or going to dance class. Perhaps your drug of choice is a round of golf, or working on your classic car to cherry that baby out. There is nothing more life affirming than creativity itself.  An added bonus is that creativity comes naturally to every person. We are all born knowing how to play. Creating toy horses from brooms or mops is a ubiquitous childhood experience.

So, why the collective addiction to creativity? The answer is very simple. Creating is what God creatures do. After all God’s nickname is “The Creator.” Prime Source kicked it all off by creating the Heavens and the Earth.  And Prime Source created this Earthly/Heavenly something, out of a pure void, from absolute nothingness. It is in our Spiritual DNA to create. We all strongly desire that 0 to 60 creative rush. Without creativity we would not be able to reach enlightenment, which is creating Self-realization from ignorance.  Once again we mimic the big “G” in manifesting “something” from “nothing.”  Creativity is how we end our suffering.  We all have the God given creative intelligence to create a new response to any and all limitations. Do not get me wrong. Some of us have made an art form out of re-creating our stories and limiting issues ad nausea. However, as God creatures having a human experience, the potential to create an ending to the source of all unhappiness is our birthright.

There are two elements to creativity that take us from amateur creators on a hobby level, to master creators of our own Self-actualized destiny. Those key elements are imagination and practice. Ask any inventor what is the first step to any creative project, and he will tell you that first he had to imagine the outcome he wanted before directing the flow of creative juices. Creating enlightenment is no different. You have to be able to imagine that you are capable of liberating your mind, or you will not realize that you can. You have to be able to imagine that you are one with Divine Love and Wisdom before you can create an alignment with your Divinity, value, power and worth, that no one and no thing on this planet has the power to change or diminish. You have to be able to imagine that all life is interconnected and equally God and Holy before you can create the perception of Universal Divine Oneness. You have to be able to imagine your true nature as infinite and unlimited before you can create the embodiment of that reality. Creativity has no substance or direction without imagination.


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