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Cure What Ails YOU!

Choosing the meaning behind what affects our lives is a skill like anything else that requires practice and patience. The more I exercise that free will muscle, the stronger and more healing those choices become in my life. Just as no one else can sleep for me, eat for me or exercise for me, finding the meaning that sets me free and empowers my personal experience of life is something that only I can decide.

I have the choice to attach a meaning to even the most paralyzing of situations, which allows me to evolve into a wiser, more compassionate, resilient being. At the end of the day I may not have added a single extra dollar to my bank account or radically changed a medical diagnosis, but I do have the mastery to feel better about who I am and to fully embrace the unlimited nature of my ability to grow beyond anything that touches my life.


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He Has A House.

by Vaishali , author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love .

One morning as I was running along the beach, I saw this semi-homeless man.  He had dug a large hole that cut him off at the knees when he stood in it.  The locals had assured me that the man was harmless, and there was no need to be afraid of him. I noticed he had a long stick, and he was drawing something in the sand. Curiosity got the best of me. I decided to stop by and see what he was so busy creating.  Upon approaching I introduced myself. The man looked up and smiled warmly.  He had been absorbed in the task of drawing stick figures with the greatest of concentration.  I did not wish to appear rude, so I pointed at one of the stick figures and complimented him on how realistic his drawing looked.  The man proudly smiled and informed me this was a portrait of his brother.  Then the smile slowly faded and the man shook his head sadly and said, “It’s too bad about my brother.”  “What happened to him?” I inquired gently.  “He has a house” came the simple answer.  “He has a house?” I repeated, not sure I was following the line of tragedy. “Yes,” the man replied thoughtfully. “My brother and I used to do things together and go places. Then he got a house, and now the house needs him to do things.  He does not do things with me anymore, because he has to do things for the house, and he cannot go anywhere with me because the house has him.” The man continued to shake his head sadly. “I will not go into houses,” he said with resolve. “Because once you go inside… that’s it… the house has you! It will always need something, and that’s how ‘it’ gets you.”


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