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by Vaishali, author of “You Are What You Love” and “Wisdom Rising”

After being diagnosed terminal from an illness, and then ten years later from a near fatal injury, there is one thing I truly understand as a result of piecing my health back together though Chi Nei Tsang and studying the Eastern healing sciences. That is the physical dynamics of emotions – how emotions travel through the body, what emotions stress and undermine which organs and how unresolved emotional experiences can literally get trapped inside the body.

Emotions are a form of energy, and like all forms of energies they have a certain vibrational signature frequency. That vibrational frequency difference is what separates anger from fear, and sadness and grief from impatience. Our internal organs, also being forms of energy, vibrate at difference frequencies. That is what makes the liver, the liver, and not the lung or the foot. When we have an emotional experience, that frequency moves through the body like waves move through water or sound waves through air.

Our internal organs have the ability to digest those emotional frequencies. Different organs digest different emotions.  For example, the lungs and related airway passages are designed to digest the signature frequency of sadness and grief. When that organ has digested that emotion, it has taken the emotion in, then pulled from it what is needed, and last and most importantly, let the rest go for the recognized waste that it is. The natural post-digestive emotional byproducts of sadness and grief are courage, self-confidence and self-assurance these emotions are then absorbed internally and ultimately embodied.


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