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A New Year, A New YOU!

By Vaishāli, author of Wisdom Rising   and You Are What You Love

Sometimes learning just a few simple tips for more conscious living can make the most useful and positive changes in our lives.  To that end, listed below are a few yet profound tips for improving the quality of one’s health as well as assisting in that perennial task of getting an edge up on anti-aging, emotional health and weight management.

Walking after you eat. Walking is actually a very powerful digestive aid.  The Eastern Indian system of self-healing called Ayurveda advocates for “the journey of a 1,000 steps” after consuming food. The walk doesn’t have to be long; it just needs to be embarked upon after mealtime. So if you have a dog, take your fur-covered friend for a once around the block. Your pet will be grateful, and it will serve as a post-digestive gift to yourself. If you can’t walk, massaging the feet relaxes the body and strengthens the digestive system. There are many reflexology points on the foot that connect with our internal organs, thus bringing immediate benefit and support.

The body likes a temperature of 98.6 degrees, because the organs in the body function best at this temperature.  As a matter of fact the body can even function well hotter than that, like when we get an infection and the body turns up the heat. But it does not like to get colder. Internalizing cold food and liquids stuns the organs by forcing them to run colder than they are designed to function. Think of the stomach as a pot that sits on your stove. You want there to be a consistent flame under that pot so that everything you put into it gets cooked thoroughly.


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All Spiritual Traditions speak of the power of free will.  Free will reigns on this planet. The Divine has seen fit to Bless everyone with the free will to decide for themselves what they will do with their attention.  There are no programmed human robots on this planet. We are free to give our attention to the love side of the equation, which we have defined as unlimited in nature.  But that action only has value if we are also free not to give our attention to love. That other choice would be fear, which we have equally defined as evil and limiting in action and consequences.

Swedenborg has a great definition of Heaven and hell. He describes Heaven as a place or state of being that is unlimited, and hell as a place or state of being that is limiting. That is why when we worry or devote our attention to other equally limiting thoughts or people, our life can feel so hellish. There is a pattern that clearly begins to emerge here:  the relationship between good and evil, love and fear, and Heaven and hell, Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.

When we freely choose a love-based thought that feels good, right and liberating, our life takes on an unlimited Heavenly quality.  When we freely surrender our attention to fear-based thoughts that constrict and contract our existence, our experience of life becomes hellishly limited and unhappy.


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Are You Equilibrated?

Today it seems we are stressed out, overworked, underpaid and sleep deprived. Balance gets thrown under the bus for productivity, efficiency, getting the job done. No wonder you seldom hear people talk about the value of balance in our everyday lives. Who even knows what it is? How does one find it? Or maintain it?

The truth is, all energy seeks to be balanced. It is a natural state of rest and ease. Even the term for the carpentry tool that is used to achieve balance is called a “level.” Could it be that balance in one’s life can produce a level playing field for the mind, body and emotions? The ancient healing sciences from the East, such as Chinese Medicine and Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda, are all big on treating disease and strengthening the human experience by bring the subtle energies that comprise life back into balance.

Relatively few people seem to understand how to create and nurture a balanced existence. But we all have attained the expert level in not being level. So what exactly is balance? It is an action, a state of mind and a perspective. Balance requires a “bigger picture” evaluation of priorities, an honest inner assessment concerning energy expenditure, and a willingness to implement appropriate boundaries.

Balance is really stopping to enjoy the flowers and the view, and not simply rushing by. Balance is arresting the “just one more thing to do” tyranny that keeps us up late at night. Balance is scheduling time for family and friends with the same commitment and single-minded focus you bring to a business meeting.

Oscar Wilde said, “…we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” It’s a great definition of balance gone awry and a brilliant place to start valuing balance in your life.

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is also a national health & wellness speaker, Huffington Post Columnist and radio host of “You Are What You Love” on heard weekly at www.purplev.com  Sunday 11-1pm PST in greater LA and Santa Barbara and on Contact Talk Radio Fridays 1pm-2pm PST and Tuesdays 9-10pm PST. Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Completely recovered, she shares her wisdom @ www.purplev.com or email press@purplev.com

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Everything Is Food

What I love about the Eastern healing sciences is how they perceive and define life. They say that every one of our sensory organs is actually a digestive intelligence. Our eyes digest light waves so we can see. Our ears digest sound waves so we can hear. Our skin digests through touch. We are in fact a collection of digestive marvels. The reason for all this digestive action is because everything we see, hear, touch, taste, experience, think, and perceive is a form of food. These energies are non-physical forms of food that strengthen, sustain and nourish us.

So how can we apply this on a practical level?  Here are two easy ways. The first is to remember that nothing that happens to you, nothing that you experience or relate to, is more powerful than you are. Everything is food. Thinking that your mortgage payment or health diagnosis is senior to you would be the same as believing the bowl of cereal you have for breakfast has more power than you do. The second is that you are designed to take in and absorb only what improves your life. Let the rest go for the waste it is. This means, for example, that if there is something negative in how you perceive your body image, or if how you think about that certain job search is not enhancing your existence, it is nature’s way of telling you it is useless, and you can let it go!


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The Danger of GMO’s from an Eastern Philosophical / Ayurvedic Perspective:

Join Vaishali and other Natural Health Experts at the Alive and Healthy Conference http://www.purplev.com/mediakit/?page_id=54

GMO seeds are designed to be a terminator technology: sterile seeds. In other words if you grow a GMO tomato, no other plant will grow from those seeds. You have to go back to Monsanto for more seeds. From a strictly Eastern perspective when you eat foods that are sterile in life force energy, it will over time affect your fertility. In order to maintain fertility consciousness in your life, you need to consume foods that feed fertility. Over time this could mean physical impairment in reproduction, mental/creative infertility, emotional stagnancy.

While the Western or Monsanto perspective is that food is food. And since food is fuel, any fuel will do as long as there are calories to burn and some basic nutrients. However Eastern perspective is food is energy, Chi, life-force consciousness. How the food was grown, handled, process and cooked absolutely determines how much of the life force energy makes it into your body. Ever wonder where consciousness comes from? Eastern sciences say that your consciousness, be it physical, mental, or emotional, is all fed, maintained and nurtured by the food you eat. That is a major departure from the Western perspective.

Every cell in your body has consciousness. That consciousness directs the cellular intelligence: when to divide, how to recognize and manage foreign or illness provoking elements. The consciousness of the body’s cellular intelligence is only as healthy as the food source/nourishment it receives. According to Eastern self-healing sciences, when you eat GMO foods that have been modified on a genetic level, they will modify your genetic intelligence.

Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Join Vaishali in Los Angeles March 23rd and 24th 2013 at the Alive and Healthy Conference. To learn more visit: http://www.purplev.com/mediakit/?page_id=54

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The Ultimate in Self-Healing, Natural Health and Life Management with Vaishali, Robert Scott Bell and Special Guests!

 Join us on the Queen Mary: March 23rd & 24th, 2013 Aboard the Queen Mary 1126 Queens Hwy Long Beach, CA. 90802. 818-848-3278 or 818-422-0558 press@purplev.com

Information is POWER. The essential detail in health-related wisdom is understanding how to make the ocean of information out there relevant and personalized for YOUR life, needs and concerns. This March 2013 on the Queen Mary is YOUR golden opportunity to gather and confer with extremely knowledgeable alternative health care and resource providers. This event is designed to give YOU the chance to ask questions that are important to your life and the lives of your loved ones. The talks are an open form set-up to give YOU the front row seat exposure you want to ask questions and seek out information directed specifically to YOUR needs.

Top resource providers will be on hand to integrate the personalized information you have accumulated and translate it into the exact variety of choices that address your specific health requirements. If you want an event that tailors speakers’ expertise with resource providers that offers a heightened opportunity to go beyond generalities and concentrate on what is most critical to YOU, this is what you have been waiting for. Sign-up today!

This Event Will Explore Effective and Holistic Ways to Be and Stay Healthy Including:

The healing power of alternative health modalities including, Chi Nei Tsang homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, an Ayurveda diet and  lifestyle, supplements, herbs and more.

How our emotions play a role in our physical health and why a healthy mind creates a healthy body.

The healing power of energy medicine such as Reiki, Yoga, magnetic and crystal therapy.

Why some people heal and other don’t.

Making our “constitution” or genetic make up prone to health, not disease.

Why one diagnosis and treatment will never work for all and how self-healing is a viable option.

Also, in the same room, a special non-toxic home, beauty and healthy lifestyle product section.

Vaishali is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Personal Growth and Life Management, Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is an international health & wellness speaker who has appeared on The Dr. Oz Radio Show and Oprah.com. Vaishali is a columnist for The Huffington Post and contributor to Beliefnet and has been published in many magazines worldwide. Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation.

Robert Scott Bell, six days a week nationally syndicated radio host,  empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and yes even political healing! Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic practitioner with a passion for health and healing unmatched by anybody on radio. He personally overcame numerous chronic diseases using natural healing principles and has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within all of us. www.robertscottbell.com      “The Power to Heal Is Yours”-Robert Scott Bell

-2 Day event participation. At the door $225.00.  Pre-registration $198.00
-1 Day event participation (you choose which day). At the door $120.00. Pre-registration $99.00
– Vendor table and admission for two  to the event $495.00 (The vendors will be in the same room as the conference making it fun and easy for the vendors to watch the conference from their vender table!)
-Queen Mary Haunted Encounters Tour: At the door $75.00.  Pre-registration $39.00
-Hotel rooms: Normal rate $189.00 plus tax.  Special rate of $159.00 per night plus tax for Friday-Sunday nights, if booked through us.
To enroll email press@purplev.com or call Aime @ 818-848-3278. Credit cards, Paypal (below) & checks accepted.

March 2013 Queen Mary Event
March 23rd and 24th 2013 Queen

One on One Chi Nei Tsang & Self-Emergence sessions with Vaishali also available.  Inquire Below.

Other Event Details:

If you are flying in, The Queen Mary offers a Super Shuttle to and from the LAX airport for $17.00 each way or to the John Wayne Airport in Orange County for $36.00 each way. A cab will cost approximately $45.00-$55.00 each way.

To get on to the Queen Mary, you will need a current drivers license or passport.

Participants are responsible for their own parking fees at the Queen Mary, which is $15.00 a day if you are staying on the Queen Mary over night or $17.00 a day otherwise.

Please bring a beach towel or yoga mat to lay on, and wear loose comfortable clothing (pants are preferred to a dress or skirt).

All sales final. Due to the nature of this event we are unable to grant any refunds. Under emergency circumstances credit will be issued for future events.

Vaishali is not a licensed physician and does not and can not diagnosis. If you are having health concerns prior to this workshop or session, we strongly advise you to discuss this with your medical physician prior to attending. Chi Nei Tsang is contra-indicated for: women using an IUD, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, or for anyone diagnosed with cancer.


About Vaishali:

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love, and a columnist for the The Huffington Post, who has appeared on The Dr. Oz Radio Show and Oprah.com. Vaishali has spoken all over the country and in Ireland about the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg as an aid in our personal enlightenment Vaishali learned to transform her life holistically from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Completely recovered, she shares her wisdom at www.purplev.com/mediakit or email press@purplev.com


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